June 28th 2010 used my picture of 50 Cent again today ! Check it here References !

June 18th 2010
New York Magazine Online has 2 of my pictures of Lady Gaga :) See them in the References !

June 14th 2010
Guess what ! Matt Bellamy seems to have a new girlfriend and it's Kate Hudson ! Who cares you'll ask me ? I don't, he does what he wants with his body :) But I certainly don't mind when uses one of my picture of him for their paper yesterday :D See that picture in the References.

June 13th 2010
Muse was yesterday at le Stade de France for their second night in Paris. And this was my first Stadium concert ever ! You can see the pictures in the Gallery.

June 12th 2010
After 17 years of success on stage all over the world, Supergrass played their final show in Paris yesterday. Gaz little brother Charly and his new band, Charly Coombes And The New Breed, opened the show. The pictures are in the Gallery.

June 8th 2010
Netscape News and Netscape Celebrity have more of my pictures online ! 5 of Juliette Lewis, 3 of Kate Nash and 1 of My Park. They are in the References !

June 7th 2010
Billboard picked one of my pictures of Juliette Lewis for their "Photos Of The Week" on May 28th ! And Netscape Celebrity has one of my pictures of Pete Doherty too :) Check the References !

June 5th 2010
Pop In Stereo has 4 of my pictures of Kate Nash ! Go to the References to see which ones.

June 5th 2010
Féfé, former Saïan Supa Crew member, played at le Bataclan yesterday, and Daara J Family opened for him. Go see the pictures in the Gallery.

June 2nd 2010
Kate Nash played at La Cigale yesterday :) Check the pictures here : Gallery

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